Business Ethics

Ethic that is first evaluation and measure factor for every interaction based on human, in the simplest sense, determines the value judgements generally accepted and had general validity. Business ethic covers all moral principles developed to guide behaviors in business world.
In these days, companies have a power that determine the most important elements of the economy. Thus, being successful and productive of the companies will be a factor that increases the welfare of the society. The companies are responsible for each other, their employees, government, society and other society because they effect the society with the services and products they have as well as the economic power. Being successful companies in long term depends on their reliability and giving them ethical behaviors in this frame. Unethical actions will prevent to devolop competitive economy, give the opportunity to informal structures and cause not using effectively sources by effecting market system in a bad way.
Young Xentino has been making studies in this direction and aiming to prevent attitude and behaviours incompatible with work ethic. Xentino has been defending that all member of the society, public, private institutions and organizations sensitivity on ethic issue need to be increased.
Our Rules of Business Ethics
A. Honesty
It is our core value, honesty and integrity in all of our business processes and interactions. We act with integrity and honesty in our relationship with  all of our employees and stakeholders.
B. Confidentiality
Confidential and private information covers the information to generate disadvantage for Xentino Technologies Inc activities in terms of competition, trade secrets, fiscal and other information that hasn’t been announced to the public yet, information belongs to employee personal rights and information as allowed by the “confidentiality agreements “with third parties.
As Xentino employees; we care about confidentiality and protecting private information of our customers, employees and other related person and corporations that we work with. Even while we are leaving our company, we do not share outside secret data and documents, project, regulations studies according to our principles
C. Conflict of Interest
As Xentino employees, we aim to stay away from conflict of interest. We do not profit from personally of the people or corporations that we related to the reason of business, by taking advantage of our current duty through personal, family or relatives.
In case of conflict of interest, when we believe their profits to be protected by legal and ethic methods , we apply these methods.
When we are in doubt, we consult Human Resources or Board of Management.
D. Our Responsibilities
On behalf of Xentino we care about fulfilling our responsibilities following below, to our customers, employees, suppliers and business partners, society and humanity as well as our legal liabilities.
1. Our Legal Liabilities
We carry out all of our activities and transactions available all over the world within the framework of local codes and international law, we submit complete and understandable information to regulatory authorities and organizations on time.
While we are conducting all of our activities and transactions, we consider that all kinds of public institutions and organizations, administrative bodies, non-governmental organizations, and political parties are at an equal distance wiithout expecting interest and under this sense of responsibility fulfill our obligations.  
2. Liabilities to Our Customers
Focused on customer satisfaction, we work with a sense of responding fastest and most accurate way to our customer needs and demands. We offer our service on time and under the conditions that we promise; we approach to our customers within the framework of respect, honor, justice, equvilance and kindness.
3. Liabilities to Our Employees
We provide a complete and correct use of the personal rights of employees. We approach to employees honest and fair and promise a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy work environment. We make necessary efforts for individual development of our employees, support them also about being volunteer to participate appropriate social and communal activities with the sense of social responsibility, pursue the balance between work and private life. 
4. Liabilities to Our Shareholders 
As Xentino, we avoid taking unnecessary or unmanageable risks by giving prime importance to  continuity of operation and in accordance with the purpose of generating value added to our shareholders and we aim sustainable profitability. We act within the framework of financial discipline and accountability we manage resources and assets of our company and our work time under the awareness of efficiency and saving. We pay special attention to increase our competitiveness and make investments to areas to have the potential of growth and to provide highest return in exchange of the source connected. We give accurate, complete, true and understandable information related our financial statements, strategies, investments and risk profile in our public announcements on time.
5. Liabilities to Our Suppliers / Business Partners
We act respectfully and fairly in a way expected from a good customer, and we pay necessary importance to carry out our obligations on time. We protect carefully secret information of our suppliers and the people and corporations that we make business with.
6. Liabilities to Our Rivals
In an effective way, we compete only in legal and ethical areas and avoid unfair competition.
We support studies intented having competitive structure targeted in the community.
7. Our Liabilities to Society and Humanity
It is extremely important to us; protection of democracy, human rights and environmental, education and charity work, elimination of crime and corruption.
Democracy, human rights and the protection of the environment, education and charity work, the elimination of crime and corruption is very important to us. Under the awareness of being a good citizen, we act in a sensiitive way by being a pioneer on communal issues, and try to take a role in non-governmental organizations, services in the public interest and activities suitable with these issues. We treat sensitive to the traditions and cultures of the countries that we undertake international projects. We do not give or accept bribe or gifts at the cost of exceeding purpose.
Responsibilities of Managers
Xentino managers have the responsibilities beyond the responsibilities described for any employee. According to this; managers; 
Are responsible for creating and sustaining a business environment supporting company culture and ethical rules.
Are responsible for setting an example to applying ethical rules and training their employee about ethical rules
Are responsible for supporting their employee to inform questions, complains and feedbacks related ethical rules.
Are responsible for leading about what need to be done when consulted him, considering all feedbacks and informing Board of Management as soon as possible when needed
Are responsible for having the structure of business process in a way that reduce the risk minumum about ethical issues and applying necessary methods and approaches to ensure obeying the ethical rules.
Those who violote work ethic rules or Holding/Company principles will be exposed to various discipline enforcement that might reach a level where to be asked them for leaving the duty if needed. Discipline enforcement will apply to those who confirm, lead inappropriate behaviors and actions to caused breaking rules or to those who are aware of these issues and yet do not make needed notice.