Environment Policy

In our day, Companies have been considering environment protection as a part of their strategies. Many companies, goverments, customers and employees have been pushed to apply effective environmental management with the pressure of their rivals. In addition to these, companies have managed to see the relationship between environmental management strategies and performance. Besides important findings have occured that companies need to be suitable for environmental management strategies to gain competitive advantage. In the end, It has been confirmed that it is not easy to apply efficient environmental management strategies by companies, it requires top management support and participation of all organization employees to apply theese strategies victoriously. Beside, companies, goverments, official bodies of the goverments, universities and leading corporations of the sector need to cooperate to improve this approach.
In the light of above quotation explanations, our Corporation have been considering the aditional of the main agreement  those below;
1. Xentino will be sensitive on the environmental effects of its all activities with all management and employee team.
2. The products with lowest possible environmental effects will be chosen in all the product porftolio that has been produced and served to be launched to the market. 
3. Our Corporation that chooses its domestic and international vendors carefully, will also approach with same attention to the products and services produced by these corporations.
4.   Our Corporation will encourage all individuals and their families related to us to ”give the most indistinct footprint” on the earth.
5. By making research on how to reduce those non-recyclable waste that is a requirement of the nature of the technology products, it will follow internationally accepted standards.
6. By checking the products life cycle through the process from manufacturing to destruction, Xentino will act in an encouraging way financially.
7. Based upon the thesis that only to protect green doesn’t mean to protect environment, Xentino will encourage both protecting green and producing less waste.
8. Our corporation will consider environment factor as well as Quality-Profit-Cost relationship at its all investments and if needed it will choose environment friendly technologies with more cost.
9. Our corporation have been working with thousands of products in nature of its working area. Among them, Xentino will always make the choice on combined device and solutions. It will work for giving the logic of making business  much more with less hardware to both market and users.
Our name is a sembol of quality and trust at technology field. For this reason, every promise we made is being considered as an agreement for us. From this point of view, WE PROMISE that we will apply carefully this declaration that we arranged for environment.