Brand of Xentino has firstly launched to use in earlier of 2000 espacially with xDSL Router products extensively in Middle East and Eastern Europe and then its  core team of R&D has met users with its many local options. Thousands of DSL line users have supplied products with cost effective and quality through Xentino brand.

Following this brand achivement, after the establishment works starting in the mid of 2013, Xentino has started its Taiwan based activities with bigger exctiment, new generation dynamism and large range of producrts.

2002.01 – Xentino brand created

2003.06 – First ADSL USB Modem Launched

2004.04 – First ADSL ¼ Port Router Launched

2005.03 – First Load Balance Router Launched

2013.11 – Official Xentino Company Establishment

2014.07 – First Wireless OutDoor Product Launched

2014.08 – First Wireless 3G Product Launched

2014.09 – First Industrial Switch Launched

2014.10 – ICT SUMMIT NOW Award for Xentino XAIR R301M

2014.11 – XLITE Series Thin and Zero Client

2014.12 – First HotSpot Product Launched