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Brand of Xentino has firstly launched to use in earlier of 2000 especially with xDSL Router products extensively in Middle East and Eastern Europe and then its team of R&D has met users with its many local options. Thousands of DSL line users have supplied products with cost effective and quality through Xentino brand. Following this brand achievement, after the establishment works starting in the mid of 2013,  Xentino has started its Taiwan based activities with bigger excitement, new generation dynamism and large range of products.

Xentino Technologies Corp. started its activities with a rich international team, will always be close to you with its R&D team and distribution network spanning in five different continents.You will experience the ease of supplying all of your technology needs from one point, the pleasure of working with quality and affordable product and the joy of different product warranty-service approach all together.

Our Corporation that started its activities with a young and experienced team provides all technology products by caring human and environment.

Particularly in consumer electronics, our Corporation keeps also network and comminucation products in target that follows all international standards and organizations.

Our business approach which is always acccountable, always questionable, always new and always open; is reachable anytime from our website with all the informations about us


 Company Trade and Financial Info
Company Name Xentino Technologies Corp.
Company Address  9F, No 20, Zhong 1st Road, Keelung, 20041,Taiwan R.O.C.
Company Phone  +886-224314008
Company Fax  +886-224314008
Company Web  www.xentino.com
Company e-Mail  info@xentino.com
Company Tax Number  54303706
Company Type  Limited Company (close to stock market)